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FXOpen Investments Inc. Review

by forex on September 14, 2009

About FXOpen Investments Inc.


FXOpen specializes in online forex trading, with minimum requirements for an account opening. The company mainly prides itself for having easy opening procedures; you can have your account opened in as easy as 5 minutes. They also claim to have fast and efficient customer services.

Basic Broker Details

Country of Origin Mauritius
Leverage 1:1 to 1:500
Spread 2 pips (EURO or USD)
Minimum Account Requirement $1

Pros of FXOpen Investments Inc.

*Fast customer response- Many traders claim that they have friendly staffs, and that emails (or other forms of inquiries) are replied to most of the time.

*Online customer service- They have both ICQ and Skype customer service access, which is great for those who are not willing to spend on phone credit.

*Easy to open an account- Their 5 minute account setup is true. Most applications get through quickly.

*Non-USA regulations- This makes them a bit more flexible than other USA-based brokers.

*Active Forum- FXOpen also maintains a very active forum for their current and prospective clients

*International support- FXOpen has native customer support staff for the residents of USA (also considered as international support), Egypt, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong (or Taiwan and Mainland China).

Cons of FXOpen Investments Inc.

* Lack of information on “About Us” page- a lot of people are complaining about the lack of physical address and company background in the site

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